About Dale

About me

I live in Arlington, VA with my wife and daughter and have been working as a 1099 federal sub-contractor since 2015.

Some other bio points:

  • I as very briefly a Navy Officer (1 year active duty). Commissioned out of the GWU NROTC program, got into SEAL training, quit, and then was able to separate early (no ships for me!)
  • I taught English in Cairo, Egypt for a bit. Was able to witness the Arab Spring there (and promptly take off)
  • I have had a few side projects over the year. One of which is The Ancient Wisdom Project, a personal experiment in ancient wisdom traditions. I hope to get back to 
  • Became a federal human capital consultant in 2012, with no experience in human capital (seems common in that field)
  • Developed some data analysis skills. Leveraged that and my security clearance to go 1099 in 2015
  • Eventually partnered up with a friend to form Custom Analysis LLC (after coaching him through the 1099 process) 
  • Now we have a few employees and I still do active billable work for an intelligence agency

Feel free to reach out to me at dale@1099fedhub.com

PS: I also enjoy the credit card rewards game and have used my 1099 business to help me take some cool first class flights for free. Feel free to e-mail me about that too!