When networking, don't cynically use people

Networking makes many people uncomfortable, mostly because it conjures images of disingenuous sleazeballs trying to get ahead.

Guess what?

Those people exist!

However, this does not mean you have to be one of those sleazeballs. While you are definitely the one making the request of the people you meet and speak with, do your best to follow these principles:

  • Do them a favor first when possible
  • Pay for the coffee or beer
  • Stay in regular communication and keep them posted on any updates on your end

You want to make sure you’re developing a positive and ongoing relationship, not a simple, one-off transactional one.


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This article is an excerpt from Chapter 7 (Method 2: How to network your way to a 1099 gig) of my book.

You can read more about it here:

Going 1099: How to become a solo federal sub-contractor and gain control of your working life, earn more money and unlock more free time

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