What you want from a business insurance agent

After I made an agreement with my former company to go 1099, I learned that I needed business insurance (general liability, commercial auto, etc.).

I just Googled "business insurance," reached out to an insurance agent, and then the guy gave me a quote and set me up with a policy.

It went smoothly until I needed to update my insurance policy for my next gig.

The agent was slow and unresponsive. I was in a rush because I needed to add more coverage to start my next project and I didn't want any paperwork delays on my side.

This happened a few more times and then I decided to get a new agent.

My business partner found one and unlike my previous agent, she responds to e-mails within a day or two and gets things done quickly.

It feels...amazing!

It's weird to feel that way about your insurance agent but when you know you have someone you can rely on, it removes stress from your life.

If you're evaluating insurance agents, or other service providers for your business, look for a high level of responsiveness. It will reduce your anxiety levels.

Feel free to reach out to my insurance agent, Rhonda Kaufman. She's great! I have pasted her contact info below.

Rhonda Kaufman
Farmers Insurance
240-418-2073 (Office)
703-636-3110 (Fax)

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