The "in a few weeks" phenomenon

You ever get delayed on a flight and the pilot comes on the PA system to say it will be another 15 minutes? Then he does it again, and again, and again?

Well, that happens when you're trying to get 1099 gigs too, except in the scale of weeks.

Program managers will want to tag up in a few weeks.

Your boss will want to put your 1099 transition conversation on hold for a few weeks.

Your security clearance should crossover in a few weeks.

Your invoice got screwed up but should be processed in a few weeks.

Your sub-contract paperwork isn't signed because the sub-contract administrator is on vacation for a few weeks.

That's just how it goes. It's frustrating; but it happens to everyone.

Don't sweat it.

Just be diligent about following up and make sure you're not letting any one delay hold you up from pursuing parallel opportunities.

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