Should you get a business credit card? Yes, but mostly to get free first class flights!

Me enjoying the rewards of business credit card points...

You might consider getting a business credit card to charge business expenses to. My position is that you should get one (or more!), but not because you need to separate your business expenses, but because of credit card sign up bonuses!

Your business expenses are going to be so minimal. You may buy a few nice toys like a new laptop or some boring things like office supplies, but for tracking purposes, you can easily just log those in a spreadsheet and scan the receipts somewhere.

If that’s all you care about I wouldn’t bother with signing up for a new business credit card.

However, now that you own a business, you now qualify for the wonderful world of business cards and most importantly, their sign up bonuses. 

I have a fun hobby where I sign up for credit cards to get the sign up bonus, usually a large number of airline miles, hotel points, or bank points.

The structure of these offers is usually spend $3,000 in three months and receive 50,000 points or miles.

There are a ton of personal credit card bonuses available, but there are also a ton of equivalent business cards available too. Now that you have a business, you can legitimately sign up for them.

If you’re curious about the best business credit cards, I would do some Googling and figure out which one is best for you. There are tons of bloggers out there who cover the credit card points world and who can do a better job of guiding you through the best selection.

Though this was pre-COVID-19, credit card points allowed me to fly first class multiple times internationally. Most recently my wife and I took a trip to the Maldives in the “Etihad Apartment” which is a first class seat that basically gives you your own room and bed. Plus there is a shower on the plane.

I also used Hilton points to stay for free at the Conrad Maldives, a very nice resort. We stayed in an overwater villa. Ahhh....the life of a 1099 federal sub-contractor with credit card points...

I digress.

The basic gist is, feel free to sign up for a business credit card, but less for the use case of separating business expenses and more for the sign up bonuses that come with the credit card.

Thinking about never returning to client work....


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