Pulling the thread

Sometimes I watch a movie or a tv show and see an actor who I've seen in another show but can't quite remember. So I Google them, figure out their name, and look at there IMDB profile.

Then I see a reference to an old movie I totally forgot about which I then find on Wikipedia, which leads me down the rabbit hole of research into space and time travel.

This is a great way to not be present with your family and instead waste time on the internet.

BUT, this curiosity is also a great way to expose more 1099 opportunities.

For example, a recruiter may reach out to you about a position and won't do a 1099 arrangement because they're a sub.

You can ask the recruiter who they are subbing to. Oh some other small company? Interesting! Let's Google this other smalll company.

Wow they're recruiting for all these other positions on different contracts. So you e-mail the founder on the website and he puts you in touch with the PM.

The PM doesn't want a 1099 but you ask if there is anyone you should talk to if you're interested in subbing on a project.

She refers you to another company and then you get the ball rolling on a 1099 sub-contract.

If you keep pulling the thread, you'll open up some interesting opportunities. And learn about space time.

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