Personality/gig fit

Big companies spend a lot of time screening for "culture fit."

This is important for companies because someone who isn't a culture fit can be highly disruptive.

The problem is that when many people look for jobs, they try to fake being a culture fit.

Faking your core personality is tiring, so the best case when you're hired is that you get to fake it until you're ready to leave the job.

The nice part about going 1099 is that you can just be yourself and match your work to you, rather than the other way around.

You can go for personality/gig fit.

While there is never a perfect fit, you'll start doing things like

  • Picking projects that are a more interesting to you
  • Picking clients with an appropriate working tempo
  • Doubling down on the things you are good at, rather than trying to improve on things you hate
  • Developing relationships in a wait that suits your style

It takes time to find the right personality-gig fit, but as you become more confident in your 1099 career, you can become pickier and more comfortable with the idea that you don't have to hide your personality.


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