Increase your 1099 billable rate by switching contracts

Once you become a 1099 solo federal sub-contractor, you will want to earn more money over time, not stay stagnant.

One way to do this with your existing skills is to find a NEW contract that pays more for the same skill set.

For example, I was working as a "Workforce Analyst" which is a sort of data analyst in the human resources space and making around $117 hour.

Another 1099 opportunity for a "Database Specialist" at a different agency on a different contract came with a rate of around $130/hour.

Then, another "Systems Engineer - Data Analyst" role at another agency offered $160/hour.

All of these required the same skills but came with different titles, contracts, and customers.

Just like the best way to get a significant raise at a job is to get a job at another company, in the 1099 world, a significant raise may simply entail tracking down a new project.


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