How would someone else pitch you?

To hire someone at my company, I have to persudade the prime to hire my candidate.

What this means is I usually need to create a narrative/elevator pitch for them before I send the resume over.

For example

  • "He is a math whiz who can code and move your tech modernization programs forward."
  • "She is project manager skilled at managing executive expectations."
  • "He is a new college grad who doesn't have much formal experience but taught himself how to make Tableau dashboards."

In my book, I recommend coming up with a personal narrative for your resume. It's kind of a tricky exercise.

But one technique you may want to try is to think about how you would pitch some of your colleagues to a prime, and then see if any of those stick to you.

Then, see if you can think how they would pitch you to a prime.

Doing this exercise for others sometimes makes it easier to do yourself.


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