How to get a company logo for around $100


When I got my first 1099 gig, I didn't worry about logos or websites or any of the normal admin marketing stuff.

Honestly I don't think you ever really need it if you plan to stay solo.

However, when I formed a company with my partner, we decided to get a logo.

If you work with a design agency, logos can be very expensive. They'll want to figure our your "brand identity" or whatever, present multiple concepts, and then iteratively work through the different designs. Then they will invoice you for thousands of dollars.

What I did instead, and what you can do if you decide you must have a logo, is this:

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Post a job for "logo design" and put in any relevant details (e.g. modern, text based logo that spells out my company name with unique image) or something to that effect
  3. Wait a day or two for job bids to come in
  4. Pick three bids that are sub $100
  5. Once they're done with the initial draft, pick the best looking design and work with that designer to make any adjustments. Thank the other two and pay them

Voila! You have a logo for maybe a few hundred bucks at most.

Don't over think it. You can invest more time in improving your logo and brand later. For now you just want one that makes you feel a little more professional in your 1099 endeavors.

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