Five minute action: E-mail a former co-worker

Telling someone to “network” is like telling someone to get into shape. They know they should do it but it can be so overwhelming that they never get around to doing anything.

Here’s a quick five minute action to get around that problem:

  1. Think of a co-worker you were friendly with at your last company but haven’t stayed close with
  2. Dig up their contact info (e-mail address is preferable, use LinkedIn if necessary)
  3. Send them a note asking if they’d be up for a happy hour or coffee meeting (if still in the same geographic area) or a catch up phone call

The goal is to re-establish your relationship, let them know you are striking out on your own as a 1099 and on the hunt for your next gig.

You can use the template below (just swap out names and such)

Subject: Hello from Dale - Happy hour catch up?

Hey Brendan,

Hope you’re doing great!

We haven’t talked since I left Delooz Allen Consulting but I’d love to catch up and hear what you’ve been up to over the last few years.

On my end, I’m in the process of getting my own solo-1099 business set up and keeping an eye out for projects that are a good fit. I’m interested to hear what’s going on at Delooz these days.

Would you be up for a happy hour next week? Drinks are on me!


If they don’t respond, no big deal. Just move on to someone else. Over time these relationships may lead to some 1099 opportunities.

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