Fake vs. Real progress

You ever have to do a task you don't want to do and all of sudden you get this deep urge to clean the house?

Well, that happens when you're looking for your first 1099 gig too.

After reading my book you know you should be figuring out your billable rate, developing a good client relationship, reaching out to your network, and creating a narrative for your resume.

This is real progress. These activities help move you closer to your goal and often feel uncomfortable.

But instead, you buy a domain name, do more research online about taxes, and fantasize about what life will be like when you're billing $200/hour.

This is fake progress. These activities only make you feel you are moving closer to your goal and often feel very comfortable.

Make sure you're spending enough time making real progress, otherwise this time next year you'll be in the same place, except with five new website domains you have to pay $15/year for.



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