Be a "nice" negotiator

My wife and I, in a search for mid-tier legal dramas to watch, recently started watching The Good Wife.

Like any legal show, there are lots of scenes with dramatic negotiations. Sometimes there's even yelling!

Yelling and fist-slamming makes for good TV, but are generally poor negotiation tactics.

When you are negotiating a 1099 gig, you should generally use a "positive/playful" voice.

"Most of the time, you should be using the positive/playful voice. It’s the voice of an easygoing, good-natured person. Your attitude is light and encouraging. The key here is to relax and smile while you’re talking. A smile, even while talking on the phone, has an impact tonally that the other person will pick up on. The effect these voices have are cross-cultural and never lost in translation. "

-Chris Voss, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It

Here is the vibe you should be giving off to the program manager.

"I'm interested in this project and believe I can help you move the needle with your client. If we can get to agreeable terms, I'd love to move forward. If not, that is 100% okay and I wish you luck."

You're not needy, you're not pushy, you're just hoping for a positive outcome.

Be a "nice" negotiator.


Note: This vibe may also work for dating. If the program manager falls in love with you please report back so we an write a case study.

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