A few things I'm trying to grow the business

While this newsletter and my book are focused on the solo 1099 experience, I actually have a business with a partner and a few employees.

Because I want to move out of the DC area, one way to facilitate that is to grow my income by hiring employees.

Yes, I want to hire employees and make them W2 employees and make money off them. Hopefully, they do not read my book!

It's a tough game though. You have to be good at a) getting the opportunity to fill open positions and b) recruiting the right people.

The few employees we hired were mostly due to luck (and a little push by me and my partner).

I want to be more deliberate it, so I'm trying a few new things on the recruiting front:

  • Started a referral "program" where our current employees can take a friend out to dinner/drinks, reimbursed by the company. This is in addition to a referral bonus if we hire the person.
  • Started sponsoring a few security clearances for folks that might be a good fit
  • Started paying for Tableau training for prospective employees to make them more marketable

The thinking is that if I can do something a little different and build a pipeline of people that would traditionally be neglected by other government contracting companies, I can get a bit of an edge.

We'll see how it turns out, but just thought I'd give you a glimpse into things you might consider if you want to grow past the solo 1099 phase and build a company.

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