1099 success story: Consistent, polite, and professional

Matt, a reader, shared how he successfully lined up a 1099 gig for the fall.

His story is brief, but note how he:

  • Maintaned a relationship (ahem...networking)
  • Let his network know he was going 1099
  • Impressed a PM

He summed it nicely by saying he was "consistent, polite, and professional." That's a great way to get your first 1099 project.

Congratulations Matt!


I've been working for a large company for a little more than three years, and although I was still waiting for MD to sign off on my LLC, I was contacted by the recruiter that got me hired.

She had since moved on to another position at a small-mid sized company and they were looking to staff a project that I had expertise in.

When I told her that I was looking for 1099 work, but hadn't exactly put myself on the market yet, she scheduled a meeting with the PM, a technical person and one of the business development folks.

The meeting went well, I left the door open to working with them on other projects as well but ultimately was contacted a few days later stating that they would like to work together starting this fall.

In my experience, the best things in life happen to fall in your lap. Another way to look at it, is that being consistent, polite, and professional throughout your career will pay dividends when you least expect it.

In this case it seems that it has, and although I have not overcommitted my position to waiting until this fall to make the move, I am excited that I have at least proved my value at an independent contractor in the marketplace.



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